Steel My Guitar Gently Weeps CD Cover Steel My Guitar Gently Weeps Testimonial
My music career began in the mid 60ís. I started by playing lead & rhythm guitar in bands with my friends. We were all quite young, we loved music and it showed. We played plenty of paid gigs and got pretty good pretty quickly. Within a few years I added piano, organ and bass guitar to my repertoire. In the summer of 1993 on the advice of my wife Lorilee, I purchased my first pedal steel guitar and never looked back.

Iíve been very fortunate to have made most of my living by being a professional musician.

Having played way too many gigs to calculate, Iím proud of the reputation Iíve earned as a valuable band member to so many various bands throughout the years, and have also appeared on numerous recordings. I still perform regularly with several working bands and for residents at nursing homes and retirement centers. I developed my own method of teaching at a young age and have been very successful at helping young aspiring musicians to begin and continue down their musical paths.

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