Folks who recommend this CD and what they're saying about it:

"Fantastic, really, really great, and I can't stop playing this CD over & over!"
~Stu Clark, Healdsburg, CA

"I love these songs, I recognized each one immediately, and you did a fantastic job playing each and every instrument, Wow!"
~Cliff Jones, Magnolia, Texas

"Simply great, unbelievable! I was expecting to hear country music, but was I wrong. Until I heard this CD I never would have guessed this style of music can be played on a pedal steel guitar and so beautifully."
~Gary Barnett, Casper, Wyoming

"I'm totally impressed. I love this era of music and your interpretation of these songs on the pedal steel. I've been playing violin my whole life, and am having a total blast fiddling around with the melodies along with the backing tracks."
~Rex Bolan, Loveland, CO

"Loved the CD! Sounds Super Marc!!! My favorite...? All of them!!!"
~Hilly Michaels, New Haven, CT

"Classy and tasteful -- I love these songs they're the ones I grew up with. So many parts being played at the same time without getting in the way of each other, only a true musician could do that."
~Mike Foster, Texas / Colorado

"Real awesome, so great! -- You hear things no one else does on the pedal steel. Your versatility's incredible - from Fiddler on the Roof to Jimi Hendrix! And I loved that diminished chord in The Four Tops song."
~Art Kadish, East Haven, CT

"I've been enjoying your CD. My favorite tracks are My Guitar Gently Weeps, Little Wing and How Can I Be Sure. You picked some great tunes and added your own touch!"
~Chuck Lettes, Denver, Colorado

"Marc Friedland has taken the pedal steel to a higher level. Friedland's CD is a wonderful expression of musical virtuosity and feeling that goes far beyond the traditional view of the pedal steel."
~John Hall, San Francisco, CA

"An invaluable practice tool for steelers or pretty much ANY melodic instrument" These songs really bring back the memories! I can think of more tunes for your next three CDs! and am already looking forward to hearing them."
~Michael Kohl, Vallejo, CA

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